Bible Prophecy Today

2 Peter 1:19   

"We have also a more sure

 Word of Prophecy;

 whereunto ye do well that

 ye take heed, as unto

a light

that shineth in a dark place,

 until the day dawn, and the

 Day Star

arise in your hearts: 

 2 Peter 1:20  


"Knowing this first, that no


 Prophecy of the Scripture


is of any


private interpretation. 

 2 Peter 1:21  


"For The Prophecy came not


 in old time by the will of


 man: but holy men of God


 spake as they were moved


 by The Holy Ghost.”



Shall we obey the


 instruction of the


Holy Spirit




“take heed”


to the


Sure Word of Prophecy  


Yes, we do not want to be


 walking in darkness down


 the broad road to




so we will walk in the


light of God’s Word


given to us in the wonderful


 prophecies of Scripture !

Prophecies are


sign posts


along the narrow road that


 Christians are traveling on


 their journey to Heaven.


 Some have been


fulfilled in the past,


we see some being


fulfilled today


and a few are still in the




The Good News is that


most of the Prophecies


 have been fulfilled and the


 few that remain soon will


 be !


What are some Prophecies


 that are yet to


be fulfilled ?

What about


Matthew 24: 14 ?


“And this


Gospel of The Kingdom

 shall be preached in all

 the world for a witness

 unto all nations; and then

 shall the end come.” 


Notice: It doesn’t say all the


 world is going to be converted,


 but that all the world shall hear




Has the Gospel  gone to



 to Russia, to India, to


 Australia, to North America, to


 South America ?  We would


 have to say yes, because there


 are Christians in all those


 countries today and many are


 being persecuted by


 heathen governments


and  heathen religions


such as Muslims




Buddhists !




 Some are in prisons and


 being tortured and every day


 while we enjoy the beautiful


 freedoms we still have in




In other


Countries,  Christians are


being put to death for their


 faith in the


Lord Jesus Christ !


So yes,


 Bible Prophecy


declares that the


end of this world


is very near, that soon, very


 soon we shall see Jesus


 coming in the clouds of


 heaven with great power and


 glory to


destroy the wicked


and take


His “Little Flock”


of faithful people to heaven.




The disciples asked




a question about this, it is


found in: 

Luke 13: 23 & 24


“Then said one unto Him,


Lord, are there few


that be saved ? And He said unto



      Strive to enter in at


 the strait gate:


for many, I say unto you,


will seek to enter in, and


shall not be able”. 


In Matthew 7: 13 – 14,


 Jesus said:

 Matthew 7:13  


“Enter ye in at


the strait gate:


for wide is the gate, and


 broad is the way, that


 leadeth to destruction,


and many there be


which go in thereat:" 


Matthew 7:14  “Because


strait is the gate,


and narrow is the way, which


 leadeth unto life, and


 few there be that find it.” 


Millions today, claim to be




but are they ?  


When I look at myself in



the light


shining from



God’s Holy Word,


am I a Christian ? 


The test is a simple one;


 Jesus said:


If you love Me,




My Commandments

John 14: 15.


What is incredible about


 this simple test is that


 millions of people I meet


 who say they are




will in the same breath say


 “The Law


was nailed to the cross”.


Some one better tell


Jesus that His Holy Law


 was nailed to the cross


because apparently He


 hasn’t heard the news !


When He said:


If you love Me,




My Commandments

John 14: 15.


Did He say;  “Only until I


 nail them to the cross


and then you do not need


 to keep them anymore.”


Well, according to the


 Beloved Apostle John,


The Law was certainly to


 continue after the cross.


  Speaking through John in


1 John 2: 3 & 4.


The Spirit of God




    “And hereby we do know


 that we know Him, if we


 keep His Commandments. 

    He that saith, I know


 Him, and keepeth not


His Commandments,


is a liar, and


The Truth is not in him.” 


Now that is pretty strait


 forward Truth that most


 children can understand,


 and yet, millions of


 preachers and teachers


 dare to tell their flocks


 that The Holy Law of God


 was “nailed to the cross”.


Why would God ever want


 to do away with His Law ?

The Bible says in,


 Deuteronomy 9: 9-11 and


 verse 15.


“When I was gone up into


 the mount to receive


the tables of stone,




the tables of the covenant


 which the LORD made


 with you, then I abode in


 the mount forty days and


 forty nights, I neither did


 eat bread nor drink water: 

 9:10 And the LORD


 delivered unto me two


 tables of stone written


 with the finger of God;


and on them was written


 according to all the words,


 which the LORD spake


 with you in the mount out


 of the midst of the fire in


 the day of the assembly. 

 9:11 And it came to pass


 at the end of forty days


 and forty nights, that


The Lord gave me


the two tables of stone




the tables of the covenant.


  9:15  So I turned and


 came down from the


 mount, and the mount


 burned with fire: and


the two tables




the covenant


were in my two hands.”


God gave Moses


two tables of stone


on which were written the


 words of the


Ten Commandments


and these




which written in stone,


are called the words of


the covenant


between God and Israel.  


Now lets go to the book of



Psalms 89: 34


My Covenant will I


not break, nor alter


the thing that is gone out


 of My lips.” 


God says He will never


 change His Law, He will


 never alter one word of


 that Law.  The Law of God


 is as eternal as


God Himself !


And yet man, who is but a


 creature of dust, created


 by The Mighty God who


 wrote His Law in


tables of stone,


would dare to change


His Law !


My Covenant will I


not break, nor alter


the thing that is gone out


 of My lips.”


“And hereby we do know


 that we know Him,


if we keep


His Commandments. 

    He that saith, I know


 Him, and keepeth not His


 Commandments, is a liar,


 and The Truth


is not in him.” 


If we truly love Jesus, we


 will keep His Law.  If we


 truly know God, we will


 keep His Law.  Friends I


 do not want to be guilty of


 lying to God, I will keep

 His Law


 because I love Him,


 because I love His Son


 Jesus Christ who


died a cruel death


to give me the wonderful


 gift of Eternal Life !