Genesis 6:7  And The Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, ...Yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years." Genesis 6: 3 

NOTICE: God gave a specific time frame; a probationary time for the people to repent of their crimes ! 

  Deuteronomy 30:19  "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:"

It is a wonderful fact, that even though the world is so wicked and few there are that "keep" The law of God because they love The Creator and Saviour, Jesus Christ, but, by the power of  God's Holy Spirit, there will be 144,000 living saints at the return of Christ Praise Our Mighty God ! 

As Noah warned the people of the approaching destruction of the world by a massive flood, the "wise men" and the "scientists" of the time, said it could never happen : 

"The world before the flood reasoned that for centuries the laws of nature had been fixed. The recurring seasons had come in their order. The rivers and brooks had never yet passed their boundaries, but had borne their waters safely to the proud sea. Fixed decrees had kept the waters from overflowing their banks. But these reasons did not recognize the Hand that had stayed the waters, saying, thus far shalt thou go and no farther."

Jesus, the Mighty Son of God and Son of Man, demonstrated His control of nature one stormy night on the Sea of Galilee !  The disciples trembling in fear declared :  

Mark 4:41  "And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him" ? 

Do you think it was Jesus who was in command of  the elements of nature in the time of Noah ? Look what The Spirit of God tells us :


“The material world is under God's control. The laws of nature are obeyed by nature. Everything speaks and acts the will of the Creator. Cloud and sunshine, dew and rain, wind and storm, all are under the supervision of God, and yield implicit obedience to His command.”


Christ's Object Lessons  Page 81


My Dear Friends, Demetrius and Kevin and all your helpers; please; read it again !


 Cloud and sunshine, dew and rain, wind and storm, all are under the supervision of God, and yield implicit obedience to His command.”

As we prepare this exposition, it is necessary to read much of what these men are saying.  Going in to their web sites we find that Demetrius is one of the main teachers, but there are others.  And we find that much of what they present is true. They quote much from the writings of Ellen White and correctly understand much of what is written there. But, tragically they have taken the position that God never exercises His power directly upon the sinner but "withdraws"  His Presence, and "lets nature work out of control", or lets Satan exercise his power upon those who reject the Spirit of God, or as in the case of Samuel slaying Agag, and Elijah slaying Jezzebels priests of Baal, God has someone else "execute" the sentence of death !

It is true that Satan is the destroyer and that he is allowed to destroy  those who refuse to repent.  God calls them again and again to open their hearts to obey His Word and accept His love through the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ.  God sends warning after warning by His messengers,but there is a time when The Spirit of God will call no more and God allows Satan to destroy those who have chosen him as their leader ! This is what has happened in Haiti and in a thousand other places around the world at this very time !


There are many voices out there saying, "I have the truth, God has sent me with a message of light"  but, as we are seeing with Demetrius and Kevin it is not light but darkness !

 Remember Isaiah 8: 20 !

"To The Law and to the Testimony, if, they speak not according to this Word, there is NO LIGHT in them' " NONE !

The Devil always comes with The Bible under his arm, with a very pleasing voice and a winsome smile, but, search The Scriptures and make absolutely sure that everything you are being told is supported by a "Thus Saith The Lord" !   Several have written to say that they can clearly see that Demetrius and Kevin do not understand the Character God. May each one claim the promise for the help of The Holy Spirit to rightly understand the Bible messages and  be able to give a correct answer to those who ask of us what is TRUTH !  There is a condition to receiving the help of the Holy Spirit and it is this:

Dear Father, annoint our eyes with thine eye salve that we may see Thy Saving Truth !

I was trying to find an article by Leach that would say exactly what he believed happened at the flood. I had the statement about God withdrawing Himself from the sacrifice to kindle the fire, but I needed a statement that would tell us just what they really were teaching ABOUT THE FLOOD. .  Not finding anything I wrote to Kevin and asked  him to explain to me what, according to Demetrius, happened at the flood.  Kevin wrote back to say, "Ask Demetrius, he can speak for himself" !

I did not have his e-mail address but Kevin sent it  so I contacted Br. Leach and asked him to explain in a simple manner what happened at the flood.  He said he would first need to explain to me some things about the character of God. I replied asking him what happened at the flood, did God send the rain and the thunder and lightning, did God cause the earth to discharge massive gysers of water throwing out huge boulders etc; ?  It took several trys and then he finally stated what he believed and at the same time Kevin sent a very long dissertation about how it was done and finally stated about near the end what they say happened. We will look at some of what they said:

Kevin wrote: "

"Because today another flood is absolutely impossible, and God has promised there will be no more floods, but that next time the earth will be destroyed by fire."
OK !  It is true that God has said that He will never again destroy the whole earth by a flood, and He will keep His promise, but, if God decided to flood the whole earth like He did in Noah's time, could He do it ?
Absolutely ! Kevin and Demetrius are under the false impression that the elements for a world wide flood no longer exist so it could not happen again no matter what God said !
That is they say; because of the "firmament" which divided the waters from the waters, as recorded in Genesis 1: 6-8 the waters that were above the "firmament" all came down in the form of rain causing the flood, therefore there is not enough water to cover the whole earth with water again !  Amazing ! 

Demetrius and Kevin; 

When God created the world as recorded in Genesis 1: 1 & 2water covered the entire surface, there was no dry land until day three !  And when God spoke on day three and said, "let the dry land appear", suddenly there was the dry land standing up out of the water !  Now, what did God have to do to get the dry land to appear, was it a difficult task for GodNo, very simple, He simply spoke and said, "let the dry land appear" ! Now, just as God spoke and the dry land stood up out of the water, all He has to do is speak and the dry land would disappear under the water once again ! He doesn't need a band of water hanging in the sky like existed at Noah's flood. Yes, it was there, because His voice commanded it to be there, and yes, it came down in torrents of rain, becuse His voice commanded it to come down in torrents fo rain !  But He did not need it to drown the  evil people of that generation, He simply could have commanded the land to sink back into the ocean and good bye to everything that lived on dry land ! 

He has the whole world in His hand , And all nature, animate and inanimate obey His Word !Do you not understand nor believe the Scripture that says: "

"At His own will God summons the forces of nature to overthrow the might of His enemies,- "fire, and hail; snow, and vapours; stormy wind fulfilling His Word." Psalm 148:8.