Spreading The News

     Horace and Olive Patten, of Rochester, New York, who had lapsed into Spiritualism wrote to James White:  

     "O that we could tell you with what joy and gratitude we received the true light on the cleansing of the sanctuary! No one could be clearer than we were that the days ended in 1844. In our darkness we have secretly longed for something that would more fully explain the past mighty move, and the fulfillment of this scripture, 'then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.' Think then of our joy, after waiting near seven long years in ignorance, to learn that our great High Priest did exactly fulfill the types on the tenth day of the seventh month, and entered the most holy place, in the true sanctuary above." - Review and Herald, March 2, 1852.  

     A former preacher of the 1844 days, wrote from Wisconsin:  

     "I feel like a new man. From 1844 until now I have felt destitute of a message. And though I have occasionally made an effort to preach, yet it has been like 'beating the air.' I now long to be in the field, as I was before the tenth-day movement. I see the sanctuary is being cleansed, and the last message is being given. O who will prepare himself for battle!" -Id., May 6, 1852.  

     And to this day, in remotest corners of the earth, the light of the sanctuary truth is gladdening hearts. Away in the island of Bougainville, in the Solomon group, east of New Guinea, Brother Tutty found this truth shaping island lives. He wrote of a visit to one remote outpost:  

     "While there I was handed two bags full of native food as tithe. I asked Rongupitu, the teacher, 'What have you been teaching them? He replied, 'The sanctuary,' and showed me his drawing on a board."  

     It is interesting to get this picture of the island teacher, only recently out of heathenism, using a board and chalk to make real to his hearers the blessed work of Jesus our high priest in the heavenly sanctuary.  

     In 1844 the Sabbath truth first came to the little group of Adventists in Washington, New Hampshire.  

     In 1844 the light on the sanctuary in heaven came first to a group of Adventist believers near Port Gibson, New York.  

     Now we see these key truths, in the days of 1846 and 1847, drawing together the men whom God had called to lead out in the first days of this advent movement.

W. A. S. Review and Herald, December 14, 1939.

1984 JNL, HEVI 112, 113