"And I saw three unclean spirits like
frogs come out of the mouth of the
dragon, and out of the mouth of the
beast, and out of the mouth of the
false prophet; for they are the spirits
of devils, working miracles, which go
forth unto the kings of the earth, and
of the whole world, to gather them to
the battle of that great day of God
Almighty. Behold I come as a thief.
Blessed is he that watcheth, and
keepeth his garments, lest he walk
naked and they see his shame.  And 
He gathered them together into a
place called in the Hebrew tongue;

Revelation 16: 13 - 16 

These are awesome and dreadful words!
Let us examine them more closely.

unclean spirit's like frogs" .... for
they are the
spirit's of devils".

We do not need to guess do we?
We are told they are the fallen angels
the devil himself leading them.

dragon represents Satan in Bible
Prophecy.  Here is the verse:

"And the
great dragon was cast out,
old serpent, called the devil and
Satan, he was cast out into the earth,
his angels were cast out with him."

Revelation 12: 9

"out of the mouth of the beast"?

Bible Prophecy, nations are very often
symbolized as various animals. Daniel the
Prophet was given visions and dreams
which portrayed the history of nations
as "beasts" rising up "out of the sea".
Daniel 7: 2 & 3 we read >

Daniel spake and said; "I saw in my
vision by night, and, behold the four
winds of the heaven strove upon the
great sea; and
four great beasts
came up from the sea, diverse
one from another...."

Daniel saw a "lion", a "bear", a
leopard" and a "terrible beast
with great iron teeth"!

Daniel 7: 17 says;

great beasts, which are four,
four kings which shall arise out
of the earth..."

No guessing here,
The Bible tells us
beasts represents four kings.

Danel 7: 23 we read: >

"Thus he said, the
fourth beast,
shall be the
fourth kingdom upon
earth, which
shall be diverse from
 all kingdoms, and shall
devour the
whole earth, and shall tread it down
and break it in pieces"...

History records that those, "
kingdoms" that followed each
other were;
Babylon, Medo-Persia,
Greece, and   Rome. These
beasts also symbolize the main
characteristics of these empires. We
are told the "
fourth kingdom" was
represented by
a beast with
ten horns and "great iron teeth"....

Roman Kingdom conqured all
the territory of the nations that came
before it plus other lands to the west
and north.

The "
fourth beast" representing the
Roman Empire had "ten horns".
Horns also symbolize kingdoms.
Daniel 7: 24 we read >

"And the
ten horns out of this kingdom,
ten kings that shall arise and another
shall rise after them, and
he shall be
diverse from the first, and he shall
three kings...."

Daniel 7: 25 >

he shall speak great words
against the
Most High, and shall wear
out the
Saints of the Most High, and
think to change times and laws: and
they shall be given into his hand,
a time and times and the dividing

Who is represented by this;
"little horn"?

shows that when Rome fell
to the invasion of the
Germanic tribes
from the north, The Roman Emperor,
moved his seat to
Constantinople, and gave the
Bishop of Rome the seat of
power in the west. From these
events from
476 AD and onward
we have the rise to power of the
Catholic Church also called;
The Papacy !

Catholic Church is represented
by another symbol in
Revelation. In
chapter 13, The Papacy is represented
a beast also.

Revelation 13: 1 & 2.

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea,
and I saw
a beast rise up out of the sea,
seven heads and ten horns, and
his horns ten crowns, and upon
his heads the name of blasphemy.

the beast which I saw, was like
unto a
leapord, and his feet were as
the feet of  a bear, and his mouth
the mouth of a lion; and the
dragon gave him his power,
his seat, and great

Look closely at this beast described in
13th chapter of Revelation.  It has
seven heads" and "ten horns" the
same as the
red dragon of chapter
17.  It is like a leopard, but it has
heads like a lion, and the feet of
a bear.  It is a composite of the
three beasts of Daniel 7 and
tha means it has in
it the
characteristics of the
nations before it.

".....and the
dragon gave him
his power
,and his seat, and
great authority."

Pagan Rome,
who was under the
control of Satan, gave unto this
beast, pictured in Revelation 13,
which is the
Catholic Church;
his power and authority!

So John saw an evil spirit that was
symbolized in this
prophecy as a
frog, coming out of the mouth of
the head of the Catholic Church,
which is called
a pope!

This fellow looks like he is up to
some kind of
mischief don't you

Now we must decide who is the
third member of this evil trio,
The Bible calls the
False Prophet!

There are some clues in the
17th chapter of Revelation.

"And there came one of the
seven angels which had the
 seven vials, and talked with me,
saying unto me,
"Come hither; I will show unto
 thee the
judgment of the
great whore that sitteth upon
many waters; with whom
the kings of the earth
have committed
so he carried me away in the
spirit into the wilderness: and
 I saw
a woman sit upon
a scarlet colored beast,
full of
names of blasphemy,
seven heads and
ten horns. And 
the woman was arrayed in 
and scarlet color, and
 decked with
gold and precious
and pearls, having
a golden cup in her hand full
abominations and
filthness of her fornication:

And upon
her forehead was a name
Mystery, Babylon The Great,
The Mother of Harlots and 
abominations of the earth."

This verse above tells us that
BabylonThe Great, which is
The Papacy, has
harlot daughters". These
daughters" are the churches
that came into being as one
after another arose in the
Catholic Church
exposing and condemning the
corruptions that existed in the
Vatican, and resulted in the
Protestant Reformation!

Martin Luther, John Calvin,
and others separated   from
"Mother Church"
and became known as,

But, The Bible says that these
daughters" would "lose their
first love
" of the pure truth
given in
Scripture and become
corrupt like their mother,
Catholic Church!

prophecy is fulfilled and now
the ecumenical movement
pushed forward by the
Catholic Church,
many meetings between
Catholics and
Protestants have taken place since
Vatican 2 and many Protestant churches
have joined with
Catholicism in many
different projects.  They have come to
incredible conclusion that there
really isn't that much difference between
Roman Catholicism and Protestantism
and are worshiping the
Pope as the
head of all

This action is a fulfillment of the
Revelation 13: 3 which says:

all the world wondered after
the beast."

175 countries now have an ambassador
to the Vatican, that is almost every country
in the world ! There are, according to;
196 countries. And Vatican News says
175 have ambassadors to the Vatican.

Not only are countries in political affilation
with the Vatican, but Protestant Churches
have joined "
Mother" in "spiritual association"
and are even teaching
Catholic doctrine!

As we have already learned, the Papacy received
it's power from
The Dragon - Satan, therefore
the "
doctrines" of Roman Catholicism are the
"doctrines of devils", spoken of in
1 Timothy 4:1.

So, the Protestant Churches are no longer true
Protestants, and have become, False Prophets,
who no longer believe in "
Sola Scripture" the
great principle of True Protestantism!
They are without question
the third
entity named in Revelation 16: 13
called: "
The False Prophet"!

Since all the mainline churches and
the so called; "Mega Churches", are
Roman Catholic Mysticism,
called: "
Spiritual Formation", we
illustrate this
False Prophet of
fallen Protestantism in the
following manner!


For they are the spirit's of devils
working miracles, which go forth
the kings of the earth, and
the whole world...."

God's Faithful People are very few.
Jesus told us that few  would be
He said:

"7:13 Enter ye in at
the strait
gate: for wide is the gate, and
broad is the way, that leadeth
destruction, and many there
 be which go in thereat: 
 7:14 Because
strait is the gate,
narrow is the way, which
leadeth unto
life, and few
there be that
find it." 

Matthew 7: 13 - 14.

tells who His people are just
before the coming of
Christ, He
says they are
the people who:

"Blessed are they that do
Commandments, that they may
have right to the
tree of life,
and may enter in through the
gates into the city"

Revelation 22: 14