For This Time

     There are other miracles…  John, a lay pastor of a 130-member Assemblies of God church in the Western Highland Province, heard some SDAs preach that no Sunday worshipers in the last days would go to heaven.  This greatly concerned this man and he went into the jungle for one week, praying and fasting and asking God to reveal to him whether the Sabbath or Sunday was the correct day.  Later God gave him a dream and told him the SDAs would bring him the truth.  But in the dream he was told that he was not to seek the information from the regular SDA church workers.  He was told that a second group of SDAs would come with the truth.  He told his dream around town.  The SDA church members heard it and told John not to believe the dream because there was only one SDA church.  John did not know what to do.

     After one year a group of lay ministers from the Papua-New Guinea Lay Ministry Ass. came to his town.  When these men spoke in the streets this fine church leader recognized that this was the group who had been sent to teach him the truth of the Sabbath.  His attendance at the Camp Meeting was a great blessing and his testimony of god’s providence so recently seen in his life stirred the Camp attendees.  While these lay preachers are condemned by church administrators and their Camp Meeting misrepresented, it is plain that our God is working through these men and that in their work the Lord is fulfilling every aspect of the prophecy found in Great Controversy p. 606-7.

     A third miracle has been the conversion of a Uniting Church pastor, Mack, his father, too, was a pastor of the Methodist Church and had established that Church (now Uniting Church) in the Southern Highlands Province.  The Uniting Church has strenuously attempted to keep other faiths out of that Province and as a result SDAs are poorly represented.  Pastor Mack went up to Mt Hagen in the Western Province Highlands for surgery.  At the operation no cause for his symptoms was found, but his symptoms have now abated.

     While in Mt Hagen he providentially met his brother-in-law who, while in Lae had been presented (by the lay pastors there) with a copy of the book, Finding Peace Within.  The pastor asked to read the book and while noting its contents, discovered a chapter entitled “An Day To Remember”.  This exposition of the Holy Sabbath Day convicted his soul.  At the time of his conversion, Pastor Mack received a visit from a cousin from the Western Highlands Province.  The cousin told him that he had lay SDA pastors staying with him and that he had accepted the Sabbath truth.  Pastor Mack rejoice and asked that one lay pastor visit him.  This was arranged and the pastor became so convinced of truth that he traveled to the location of the lay pastors in the Western Highlands Province.  It was from them that he learned of the Kainantu Camp and decided to attend.  He rejoiced in the truths presented and plans to return to his churches in Southern Highland Province in order to preach the mighty Three Angels Messages.

     God is working in a most remarkable manner in order to proclaim the last message to the world.  At a time when our organized work has so largely muted this message as it has sought closer ecumenical ties, God has raised up men and women of his own choosing to take this message in miraculous ways.