We are still doing research for our page dealing with Noah and the flood but we found a transcript by Demetrius Leach giving his theory on how the "fire" of God is exercised for the destruction of evil and so we will look further at that topic on this page.

Demetrius says: " 

"The fire was kindled as a result of the withdrawal of God’s sustaining presence from the sacrifice. This is the way in which God must treat the sinner who rejects the offers of His grace in Jesus Christ. Only God can kindle such a fire in such a way."

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OK !  Let us carefully examine this statement and see if it agrees with Scripture & Testimony of God's Spirit. 

 We pray that you will join us in prayer for the promise of the Holy Spirit to guide us "into all truth" as we search together for the correct understanding of God's Holy Word. For truly your eternal salvation depends on what you beleive and what you teach to others !

Demetrius says: " "The fire was kindled as a result of the withdrawal of God’s sustaining presence from the sacrifice. ..."

Is that true ? Was the "fire" kindled because God "withdrew" His Presence ? Here is what The Spirit of God says: 

Hebrews 12:29  "For our God is a consuming fire." 

Isaiah 33:14  "Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire ? who among us shall dwell with everlasting

 "If you cling to self, refusing to yield your will to God, you are choosing death. To sin, wherever found, God is a consuming fire. If you choose sin, and refuse to separate from it, the presence of God, which consumes sin, must consume you."

Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing

Page 62

Clearly Friends, the fire was not kindled because God "withdrew" His Presence, but because our Mighty God "is a consuming fire" !  There is no question here ! God does consume sin and if we refuse to repent and stop sinning, there comes a time when we have rejected the pleadings of God's Holy Spirit so many times that the Presence of God will consume us !  There are numerous examples of that in Scripture and even   Br. Demetrius gives these on his page but obviously has wrongly judged on how God "kindles" the fire !

Demetrius further says:

"Only God can kindle such a fire in such a way."

Demetrius admits God kindled the fire but he uses this false idea that the fire is kindled by God withdrawing His Presence ! The Scripture clearly states the opposite; it is the very Presence of God who is a consumming fire and consumes sin and consumes sinners who refuse to separate themselves from sin !

 "Only God can kindle such a fire in such a way."  Well, God doesn't do it that way, but even if it were true, Demetrius is still saying God kindled the fire, which means that God does destroy by fire those who will not repent !

Demetrius, Kevin, & Company;

give many examples of "fire" from God, but, they say God does not destroy directly, Satan is the destroyer !  True, Satan is the destroyer when God allows him to work as illustraterd in the case of Job, but  God also destroys when He   chooses to do so and commands His Holy Angels to destroy also  as in the case of Jericho, death of firstborn of Egypt and others !

God destroys sin, from love for the eternal happiness of all His creatures., we  destroy ourselves when we rebel against the loving commands of God !  Satan, however; destroys from hate and the eternal destruction of as many people as he can !  That is

the big, big difference ! 


There is one more example of the "fire" of God destroying sin and sinners that we need to look at, and that is the case of Nadab & Abihu. Demetrius, Kevin and Company tell us that God, "withdrew" His Presence and then the fire was kindled and burned up these men ! Is that true ? God had warned them before that they were not to drink "strong drink" or to use "strange fire" in the service of the sanctuary and God said if they did they would be slain ! But, did the fire come because God withdrew His Presence or because of   His Presence ?

In The Most Holy Place of the tabernacle that Moses was instructed to erect in the wilderness, was the Ark of The Covenant. Under the cover of the Ark, called The Mercy Seat and inside the Ark, was the Law of God written on The Tables of Stone by "the finger of God".  Between the Angels who were positioned on the top of the Mercy Seat, was the very Presence of God in all His glory and power.  This Presence, was called the Shekina ! 

Consider now the events of Nadab and Abihu as they ministered in the Tabernacle on that fateful day. First: they indulged in fermented wine, second: they put "strange fire" in their censors; both of which they had been instructed were forbidden by God and would bring the penalty of death upon the transgressor.  But a drunk person is not capable of reasoning correctly, so with the Shekina Glory of God, resting only a few feet away from them in The Most Holy Place, they dared to perform this terrible deed !

The Scripture says: " Leviticus 10:1 

"And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before The Lord, which He commanded them not.  10:2  "And there went out fire from The Lord, and devoured them, and they died before The Lord."

And where was The Lord standing when He sent the fire ? 

God was just a few feet away in the Most Holy Place of the Tabernacle !

The Spirit of God states:

"A fire blazed out from the Holy of Holies and consumed them."

 Temperance Page 280

 God did not "withdraw" His Presence, but God revealed His Presence and Nadab and Abihu were destroyed ! 

Nadab and Abihu had committed the "un-pardonable sin" and because of their "SIN" they were destroyed !  The Presence of God consumes sin and if we refuse to disconnect with sin, The Presence of God will destroy us !

Further; at the Second Coming of Christ, are the wicked destroyed because God, "withdraws" Himself or because He "reveals" Himself ?  Notice again the clear Word of God : 

  2 Thessalonnians 1:7  "And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels, 1:8  In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:.."

We earnestly pray that Kevin, Demetrius and their Friends will see that they have greatly errored in their understanding of Scripture and what God Himself, teaches about His "character"  !

 May God Bless & Help us All to "Rightly divide the Word of Truth !

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