Bible Prophecy Today


        What is our key text


              for our study of 


            Bible Prophecy ? 


         2 Peter 1:19

     We would encourage you


       to memorize this verse


       and as many Scripture


        passages as you can.


     All through the centuries


       of time, God’s children


      who have been cast into


         prison have been


             sustained by the 


 promises that they have put to


 memory.  Do you think we could


 ever be put in prison in Canada


 for our Christian Faith ?  It is a


 very real possibility as we will


 see from our study of Prophecy.


  We live in a “free country”


  now, but, Prophecy tells us a


     change is coming, even in



2 Peter 1:19     We have


 also a more sure


Word of Prophecy;


 whereunto ye do well that


 ye take heed, as


      unto a light that shineth in a


 dark place, until the day


 dawn, and the


Day Star


arise in your heart.

2 Peter 1:20  


"Knowing this first, that no


 Prophecy of the Scripture


 is of any private



 2 Peter 1:21  


For The Prophecy came


 not in old time by the


 will of man: but holy


 men of God spake as


 they were moved by


The Holy Ghost .


Who is the






 Bible Prophecy ?


The Holy Spirit of God !


2 Timothy 3:16 & 17


      “All Scripture is given


 by inspiration of God,




 is profitable for


 doctrine, for


 reproof, for correction,




 instruction in



      That the man of God




 be perfect, thoroughly


 furnished unto all good




How do we become


 Christians ? 


We become Christians


 by a study of


God’s Word. 


Is it enough just to read


 and study the Bible ?


  Once we have read


 God’s Word what is the


 next step we must take


 to become a Christian ?


We must obey 


 God’s Word.


In John 6: 63 Jesus said:


 “It is the Spirit that


 quickeneth; the flesh


 profiteth nothing: the


 Words that I speak unto


 you, they are spirit,


and they are life.”


We must eat the


Word of God


and digest it into our


 very being if we would


 truly be followers of


 Jesus.  The Word’s of


 Jesus  must control our


 heart and our mind.  We


 must have not our own


 will, not our own mind,


 but the mind of Christ


if we would be saved in


 God’s Kingdom !


 Philippians 2:5    

“Let this mind be in you,


 which was also in


Christ Jesus:


” What does it mean to


 have the “mind” of


 Christ ?


If we have the mind of


 Christ, then with Jesus


 we will say as He said in

Psalms 40:8  

I delight to do Thy will,


 O My God: yea, Thy Law


 is within my heart.

Is The Law of God


 abiding in our hearts


 today ?  Do we “delight”


 to obey God’s Law as


 Jesus did ?


We have a lot of


 Christian Canaanites in


 the world today ! 


Do you know what a


 Christian Canaanite is ?


 Do you remember the


 name of the first child


to be born to Adam and


 Eve ? What was his


 name ?  Cain.


What was the second


 boy’s name ? Able.


  Right from the


 beginning of history,


 these two young men


 have  shown us how


 to tell  the


 True Christians


from the Canaanite   


    Christians !       


Genesis 3:21  “Unto


 Adam also and to his


 Wife did the Lord God


 make coats of skins,


 and clothed them.”


Who is the person called


 the “Lord God” in this




John 1: 1 - 3

“In the beginning was


 The Word, and The Word


 was with God, and The


 Word was God.  

The same was in the


beginning with God. 

    “All things were made


 by Him; and without Him


 was not any thing made


 that was made.”


The Lord God in Genesis


 is Jesus Christ the


 Mighty Creator of


everything in the


universe of God ! 


When Adam and Eve


 disobeyed  God’s


 Commandment not to


 eat of the

Tree of Knowledge




Good and Evil,

the terrible tragedy of


 Sin entered this planet.


  Adam and Eve were


 now naked sinners.


  Christ Himself, offered


 the very first sacrifice




 a totally innocent


 animal and clothed His


 poor naked children.

From that time, until the


 death of Christ on the


 cross in 31AD, God


 instituted the offering of


 animal sacrifices to


 remind them of the


 terrible results of sin


 and of the promise of a


 Saviour who would one


 day die for the sins of


 the world.


One day Cain and Able


 came to the alter to


 offer their sacrifice.


  Able brought a lamb.


 Cain brought fruit and


 veggies. God accepted


 Abel’s offering but God


 refused Cain’s offering.


Why did God refuse


 Cain’s offering ?


God had said a lamb


must be offered, blood


 must be shed to atone


 for sin.

Cain thought he could


 change the rules a little


 bit and God would not


 mind.  But he found God


 did mind and would not


 accept anything except


 the sacrifice of blood.    


There are millions of


“Christians” today who


 think and do exactly as


 Cain.  They actually


 think they can change


 the Commandments of


 God.  They think that


 God does not mean


 what He says.  They


 THINK they can deviate


 a “little bit” and God will


 overlook their


 disobedience !   


God will


 not accept anything but,


 100% obedience.

99.9 % is not acceptable


to God.  No one will


 enter heaven who


 thought they could in


 the tinniest degree


change the Word of God !


Revelation 22: 14


Blessed are they that do


 His Commandments,


 that they may have right


 to the Tree of Life, and


 may enter in through the


 gates into The City.”

John 14: 15 

“If ye love Me, keep

My Commandments.”


1 John 2: 4


“He that saith, I know


 Him, and keepeth not


His Commandments, is a


 liar, and The Truth is not


 in him.”


It is amazing, that


 anyone who professes


 to be a follower and


 believer of the Lord


 Jesus Christ, amazing


 that anyone who says


 they believe The Bible,


 would ever dare to say


that the


 “Commandments of God


 were nailed to the


 cross” ! 

All of these verses were


 inspired by the


Holy Spirit of God


and written into the


New Testament


after the cross !

Matthew 5: 17-18


Think not  that I am


 come to destroy  


The Law,




The Prophets:


I am


not come to destroy,


but to fulfil. 

    For verily I say unto


 you, till heaven and


 earth pass, one jot or


 one tittle shall in no


 wise pass from The


 Law, till all be fulfilled.”


Is all fulfilled ? 


No, Jesus has not yet


 returned. Soon, very


 soon He is coming, but,


 will The Law of God


 then be done away ?


Of course not ! 


The Law of God


has existed from all


 eternity and will never


 be done away. 


The Law of God


reveals to us the


 Character of God,


it is unchangeable !

Let us beware lest we be


 found in the camp of


 Canaanite Christians !